heavenscloud666 (heavenscloud666) wrote in ranxken,

I need help!!

hi there all!!

it slipped my mind that i was a member of this community. i really happy that i accidentally found this page again. lol *scratches the back of head*  but moving on.... i wondering if anyone knows where i can get the FULL English translations for the Weiss Side B manga. 

i looked and looked and looked but i can only find till about vol. 3 on i think it was called 'kitten claws' something like that. and i know the manga is scanlalted up to vol. 2 and all other links that would give me the translations are all gone.

the reason being for my request is so that i can edit the raws into english myself and share it with anyone and everyone that wants to read the manga.

so if anyone knows where i can find the full  translated copy of the manga or if they know if a team that is already scalating it that would be awesome.

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