Seph Lorraine (sephlorraine) wrote in ranxken,
Seph Lorraine

Fic Search

 Hey, as lively and happenin' as this community still is, I know there's a chance that me asking this is futile, but if anyone can help me with this, I'd be super psyched.

I'm looking for a RanKen fic, written in a dark ages, that was on sometime circa 2002 (ha ha...). I can't remember the name or the author, but it was an AU high school fic where Ran was a senior, and I believe Ken was an underclassmen who was being physically abused by his mysterious "guardian" at home. Ran and he start something, and there's this super dramatic scene where Ran's all angry over all the bruises only to find they go beneath his trousers as well--and yea, Schwartz were faculty members. Crawford might have been a very angry, spiteful principal.

He might have had a cane... (I could totally be making that up, though).

Maybe that sounds vague, but does anyone know the fic I'm talking about? It's been plaguing me for ages.

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