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Well, it's been a while since anyone has posted here (is anyone still here) but I thought I'd share some artwork a friend made for me recently.

So, last year, Lady Bast wrote me this fic, because she is wonderful. The story is brilliant, and as I've said, if you haven't read it yet, I absolutely think you should correct that error now.

"Deep Freeze"

Then, thegentilcat made me this picture to go with the story. The artwork is rather large, though, so is under cut.


I also got a bonus picture from thegentilcat, because she was bored and waiting for me--this one does not go with any story, but I think it's very much in character, and doesn't really need one. My theory is that Ken's team, Ken, or Ken's kids just won a game--and he is quite rightly filled with joyous glee, as only Ken can be.


(In the alternative, someone *could* write me a fic to go with this picture ... not that I'm greedy or hinting or anything ...)

Anyway, thought others might enjoy these too.
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