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Hey everyone! I'm new to the comm, but not new to the fandom. Like most people, I think, I was really into WK a few years back and then lost interest as other things came to life, but for some reason it's been creeping back into my sphere of fics to read, so here I am!

I asked the mod if it was okay to post this and got the go ahead, so here goes! I'm looking for a few fics that I had really liked back in the days and no amount of searching on Google has revealed them, so hopefully someone here will know them. All the fics are Ran/Ken (or else I doubt this would be allowed).

1. Right, this one is multichaptered, maybe around the high teens, low 20s. Ken liked Ran, but Ran was kind of his usual self and didn't show preference either way. Ken ended up being kidnapped by Schwartz and Schuldich in his usual evil self raped him and surimposed an image of Ran over his face while he was doing it (just to be that extra nasty). I remember that they ended up dumping Ken in the middle of nowhere while it was raining and Ken was bleeding as he made his way back home. And then toward the end of the fic, there was this really heartwrenching scene where Ran apologized through the closed door. Also, there was something about how Ken hated flowers because it reminded him of his sister.

2. This one was a few chapters long. For some reason Ken started seens from his past life where he was a girl? And he/she was in love with Ran/Ran's past life? And Schuldich was also part of the past life and he wanted Ken's past self? I remember that the end of the scene, again, took place during a rainy night.

3. I hope I'm not getting this one confused with another fandom, but I'm pretty sure it's WK. Ken has to go under cover to this night club and Yohji dresses him up in leather and cropped tops and glitter and what not and I think Ran went with him to the club and Ken ended up getting kidnapped?

Well, those are it for now! I hope someone will be able to find a working link to them ^__^
Thanks peeps! And now to go finish checking out all the fun posts and recs put up!
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