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Fic Recs - Part I

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Happy Holidays, everyone! Ran/Ken fic rec has inadvertently become an annual event for me, it seems. I do like staying warm inside with some tea or hot chocolate, reading fic. Yes, I do. I don't get to do it enough the rest of the year :/

Here we go, year two! The original list was getting too long and convoluted, so I split it into two parts according to rating. Part I is for stories rated G to R. Part II is for more mature audiences and is friends-locked. I also re-organized the formatting, marked recs for easier navigation, and tried to write more helpful commentary. Oh, the things I do for this pairing...

Anyway, heed the warnings and PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK! These authors are not getting paid for their time and efforts. The least we can do is to let them know their labors are not wasted. Enjoy!


Title: Question for the Afternoon
Author: Purple
Rating: G
Summary: This belongs to "[a] series of standalone/unrelated ficlets on the lives of our favorite florists inside our favorite flower shop."
Read this because years from now, you'll come across it and be charmed all over again. I smile whenever I think of this fic (or more aptly "ficlet"). I also recommend the other stories in the series regardless of the pairing. Ratings vary so please pay attention to the warnings.

Title: Just Watch the Fireworks
Author: Kirachu
Rating: G
Summary: Aya and Ken spend a night together searching for normalcy.
Read this because it really is quite captivating for something so simple and short. .A little fluffy, a little angsty, and overall wonderful. A quiet fic best enjoyed on a lazy, rainy day. It totally sets the mood.

Title: Before It's Too Late
Author: Sarcastic Elf ([info]sarcastic_elf)
Rating: G
Summary: After Aya is almost killed on a mission, Ken wonders if he should tell the redhead how he really feels.
Read this because it's the antithesis to crappy, formulaic AyaxKen fic. Reading this at the library was not a good idea. I got dirty glares like you wouldn't believe. Read to see why.

Title: Clearly in Denial
Author: weaveratropos
Rating: G
Summary: Ken is clearly gay, right? And, clearly in love with him, right? Then, what the hell is he doing off with Yuriko in some out of the way cabin? Ran ponders Ken's sexuality, attraction, and behavior. RANKEN. HumorCrack
Read this because it's cute and hysterical and absolutely made of WIN. Ah, good times.

Title: km/h
Author: [info]genx88
Rating: PG
Summary: Written for [info]30_kisses. (Theme #20 "The Road Home") Set during Kapitel.
Read this because Ken here is both sweet and dangerous. Another kiss-oriented fic, not quite as steamy as the others mentioned, but it gets major points for creativity.

Title: Moon Mist and Autumn Puppets
Author: Deena ([info]bleedingfilth)
Rating: PG
Summary: Ran and Ken spend a day together outside the shop.
Read this because Deena writes such satisfying fluff--no unlikely declarations of love or other sickeningly sweet devices. This is one of the first fics that opened my eyes to the beauty of RanxKen. Perfect for your summery, breezy days. Rated PG.

Title: Suihou Suki
Author: LN Tora
Rating: PG
Summary: Ken gets a package in the mail containing a bottle of...
Read this because it's another well-written, fluffy fic. This reduced me to fangirly sap and then some. Very cute.

Title: Explaining Necessity
Author: Crimson
Rating: T
Summary: Set after the normal series during Weiss Side B but you don't have to know things up to that point. Aya is a necessity for Ken, and it's about time Ken showed Aya that. Fluff for Valentine's Day.
Read this because some of the events in this fic are canon. The rest are not. I was bowled over at how seamlessly the author meshed the two.

Title: Silly Side B One Shot
Author: HeatherR
Rating: T
Summary: Exactly what the title says.
Read this because this fic is hotter than a single kiss has any right to be. Loved it. Love.

Title: Der Mensch
Author: Mirrordance
Rating: T
Summary: Weiß will take any chance they could to get their fallen teammate back. Kritiker gives them an option they couldn’t refuse. But when Ken finally returns, he isn’t who he used to be...
Read this because it's one of the most inventive and devastating stories I've ever read in the fandom.

Title: The Small Things
Author: vr2lbast
Rating: T
Summary: Weiss Side B, Aya & Ken, When Aya isn't feeling well, Ken takes the opportunity to explain to him his view of the important things in life.
Read this because this is such a joy to read. It's witty, charming--just irresistible, in a quiet, unassuming, and intimate way. I love it.

Title: Something Unexpected
Author: vr2lbast
Rating: T
Summary: Weiss Side B, Aya x Ken, May contain spoilers. Aya fears that Ken is sinking back into despair after his confrontation with Jonathan O'Brien and tries to distract him from his thoughts, but ends up learning something about himself instead.
Read this because the subtleties of Aya and Ken's relationship here is something special. This author's stories always seem to twist my heart a little. They leave me momentarily disarmed. I like that feeling :)

Title: A Little Give and Take
Author: vr2lbast
Rating: T
Summary: Weiss Side B, Aya x Ken, Ken invites Aya out on a date. A standalone story, but also a continuation of Something Unexpected.
Read this because Side B is becoming my favorite timeline because it inspires this delicate yet intense exchange between Aya and Ken--all the while making it believable. Or maybe that's just the author's mad skillz ^^

Title: Bitter Aftertaste
Author: ivorysilk
Rating R ?
Summary: A response to the prompt, Food, especially feeding one's partner. Would prefer Ken with either Aya or Yohji. Crawford is also acceptable. Any timeline.
Read this because it is beautiful and breathtaking. I was teetering on the fence between Aya's hope and Ken's despair the entire time I was reading it. It's the antithesis to the usual Aya/Ken fic. You'll see what I mean. I really love this.


Title: Upon a Painted Ocean
Author: P.S. Speare ([info]pspeare)
Rating: PG
Status: Complete.
Summary: AU. As captain of his own pirate ship, the usually rational Ran finds himself making an impulsive purchase in a slave named Ken.
Read this because it ranks as one of the most well-received AU fics in WK ever--and for good reason. Ms. Speare is a wonderful writer--great pacing and characterization.

Title: Warmth
Author: Kirachu
Rating: PG
Status: Complete
Summary: Aya, Ken, and only one blanket between them leads to strange situations.
Read this because you will fall in love with it. I love the sense of intimacy here, the progression of Aya and Ken's relationship--well, it's more about the change in how they see/understand each other than physical development.

Title: Gotterdammerung (Twilight of the Gods)
Author: Swythangel ([info]caillen)
Rating: PG
Status: WIP
Summary: With their return to Weiss, Ken and Ran find old feelings resurfacing.
Read this because it's classic RanxKen. Beware, it's been four (nearly five) years since the last update :(

Title: Chibification (Raising Ken)
Author: Swythangel
Rating: PG
Status: Complete
Summary: When Ken and Youji return from a mission, Ken turns into a bundle of trouble...a LITTLE bundle of trouble...
Read this because though the plot is silly, if you give Swythangel her creative license as an author--I'm sure you'll enjoy this as much as I do. It's so cute! Guaranteed to brighten your day!

Title: Three Sided
Author: Suke-san ([info]kudasai)
Rating: PG
Status: Complete
Summary: Ken is in love with an ice-block who has no feelings for him. And at the same time, Ken’s best friend seems to have fallen for Ken. A love triangle? Or is it? This is not good.
Read this because the author's style is very personable and enjoyable. Ran, Ken, and the misunderstandings between them. This one's a crowd-pleaser, folks ^_^

Title: The Via Crucis Trilogy
Author: Mirrordance
Rating: T
Status: Complete
Summary Three stories in three chapters, one lesson: love can kill.
Read this because Mirrordance's writing has a rawness to it, as effective as poetry when it comes to breaking my heart. That's a good thing.

Title: Revealing Myself
Author: [info]cece_y
Rating: T
Status: Complete
Summary: Yoji and Omi decide to help Ken with a certain "problem" he has; AyaKen, YojiOmi!
Read this because it's a hilarious "Get-Aya-and-Ken-together" fic. Ken is so lovable here, and Aya is very endearing as well.

Title: Romance of the Kingdom
Author: Lk ([info]shinikius)
Rating: T
Status: WIP.
Summary: Historic AU. If I cannot be with you in this world, then I am no hero worthy of the name. A tale of two generals, a strategist, and a young man and his stallion.
Read this because it's one of the most intriguing and ambitious fics I've encountered in the fandom. It's shaping up to be an epic, but unfortunately, the author hasn't updated in a year. Shame, shame. This is too good to be abandoned.

Title: Something New
Author: Deena ([info]bleedingfilth)
Rating: T
Status: Incomplete
Summary: Aya and Ken have to go undercover as a married couple on their honeymoon cruise.
Read this becausethis is the stuff a fangirl's dreams are made of. Another woefully abandoned fic, but I had to include it.

Title: Scarlet Moon
Author: Jo-9tails
Rating: T
Status: Complete
Summary: Ken’s grandmother lives in the forest, banished there for the “evil” that the townsfolk believed she practiced. Amidst these dark days, a new man enters his life. Ran is a noble with a hot temper and a bad name, and yet he makes him shiver. But the young Lord is prey to his heritage, a curse placed on his family ages ago. Now Ken must come face-to-face with his destiny at Grandma’s house.
Read this because it's a fun, addictive story. It reads like a guilty pleasure (and I mean that in the absolute best way possible!). One word sums up my feelings: SQUEE!!! This brought me into the next stage of fangirl nirvana.

Title: Quirks
Author: Rapunzel4
Rating: T
Status: Complete
Summary: No one is normal, certainly not the members of Weiss, and Aya and Ken especially keep finding little idiosyncrasies cropping up as their lives and their relationship progress.
Read this because the author has a sensitivity towards Ran and Ken that I find refreshing and enchanting. Rapunzel's characterization (especially Ken's) is right on the money because she uses canon to justify Ken's actions and personality. She really understands the boys. I adore this series. Too bad it's so short. Rapunzel says M, but I think T is suitable for the content.

Title: Little Things
Author: peroxidepest17 (peroxide_fic)
Rating: T
Status: Complete
Summary: Loosely related short fics concerning the RanxKen pairing.
Read this because the author is (was?) a film major, and because of that training, she has a deep understanding for her characters. She considers all of them equally, not just Ran and Ken. "Silence" (Chapter two) is my favorite.

Title: A RanKen Christmas Carol
Author: 83rd Twilight
Rating: T
Status: WIP
Summary: A take on the Christmas Carol done RanxKen style. See Ran act like Scrooge. Enjoy!
Read this because Aya here is such a deliciously evil bastard. He's the type you love to hate, like an addictive villain on your favorite show. You're rooting for the good guy, but you're glued to what the villain will do/say next. It also doesn't hurt that 83rd Twilight's writing is superb. Go on, read it :)

Title: Bed of Roses
Author: Mirrordance
Rating: R
Status: Complete
Summary: After two years of semi-retirement from Kritiker, Ran and Yoji return to action when they discover the new 'target' is a murderous, out-of-control Siberian.
Read this because Mirrordance plays with Ken's brush with madness with poignant results. "Bed of Roses" is more understated than "Via Crucis", but every bit as unforgettable. This one leaves a sting like no other. Mirrordance rates this M, although I think it can get away with an R. The sex scene is tastefully done, highly stylized. Leaves a lot to your imagination.

Title: A Series of Unfortunate Events
Author: Marty ([info]ancipital_me)
Rating: Varies from PG to M
Status: Unknown
Summary: Love is a battlefield. Some of the not so perfect moments from Ran and Ken's hazardous love life.
Read this because Marty writes irresistible RanxKen, especially in this one. They're disastrous together at times, but ultimately sweet. My favorite chapter is "Not What It Looks Like." It never fails to make me smile. Sneaky Marty :) This is an episodic series. There are no loose ends, but at the same time, there isn't a sense of closure either. I, for one, am hoping for more.

Title: Blood Summons
Author: Rapunzel4
Rating: R
Status: WIP
Summary: (AU) When Ran's sister is kidnapped, he sets out after her. Along the way, the threads that he follows to find her end up drawing in companions he never imagined himself having. (Will eventually be RanKen)
Read this because Rapunzel succeeds in writing AU while staying true to canon events. The effect? Everyone is kept in character--same motivations and insecurities--in this fantasy adventure. The author's impeccable writing is another big plus. She's a brilliant storyteller. She does action scenes just as well as she does those quirky, lovable fics I love so much. Don't skip this one!

[Continued in Part II, intended for those who are of age and are mature enough for explicit yaoi.]

Lastly, recs from you guys are most welcome! Please let me know the title, author, status (WIP or completed), and where I can find it. Thanks! I know this is a Ran/Ken community, but I'm open to other pairings or gen fic.

[EDIT]: Future recs will be in wk_fic_finds. More comprehensive, informational, and broader in scope. Join the comm and rec us your favorites!
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