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I need help!! [27 Jan 2011|12:44am]

hi there all!!

it slipped my mind that i was a member of this community. i really happy that i accidentally found this page again. lol *scratches the back of head*  but moving on.... i wondering if anyone knows where i can get the FULL English translations for the Weiss Side B manga. 

i looked and looked and looked but i can only find till about vol. 3 on i think it was called 'kitten claws' something like that. and i know the manga is scanlalted up to vol. 2 and all other links that would give me the translations are all gone.

the reason being for my request is so that i can edit the raws into english myself and share it with anyone and everyone that wants to read the manga.

so if anyone knows where i can find the full  translated copy of the manga or if they know if a team that is already scalating it that would be awesome.

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Help!!! [27 Dec 2010|10:50pm]
Hi friends,

I'm looking for an author named "Jin". If someone has the old url of her website or complete copies of her stories saved somewhere, please forward to me:


I miraculously found a couple of her old stories on my hard-drive somewhere (a really good one called Find Me Love & also an incomplete version of Hormones: The Teen Kind & a few other ones). I'll send them over if someone wants them.
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Fic Search [08 Dec 2010|08:49pm]

 Hey, as lively and happenin' as this community still is, I know there's a chance that me asking this is futile, but if anyone can help me with this, I'd be super psyched.

I'm looking for a RanKen fic, written in a dark ages, that was on fanfiction.net sometime circa 2002 (ha ha...). I can't remember the name or the author, but it was an AU high school fic where Ran was a senior, and I believe Ken was an underclassmen who was being physically abused by his mysterious "guardian" at home. Ran and he start something, and there's this super dramatic scene where Ran's all angry over all the bruises only to find they go beneath his trousers as well--and yea, Schwartz were faculty members. Crawford might have been a very angry, spiteful principal.

He might have had a cane... (I could totally be making that up, though).

Maybe that sounds vague, but does anyone know the fic I'm talking about? It's been plaguing me for ages.

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Art! [23 Aug 2009|11:00pm]

Well, it's been a while since anyone has posted here (is anyone still here) but I thought I'd share some artwork a friend made for me recently.

So, last year, Lady Bast wrote me this fic, because she is wonderful. The story is brilliant, and as I've said, if you haven't read it yet, I absolutely think you should correct that error now.

"Deep Freeze"

Then, thegentilcat made me this picture to go with the story. The artwork is rather large, though, so is under cut. Artwork BelowCollapse )
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more Ran and ken fanart !! ;D [05 Feb 2009|02:32pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

hi, Just managed to do another Ran/Ken Fanart pic, i haven't done one in a while! ;)

here's a little peek if you want

click to see bigger versionCollapse )

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Fic Auction [17 Nov 2008|02:21am]

(Go ahead and disregard this if it isn't allowed.)

I just thought I'd put in a plug for the Support Stacie Author Auction and note that I signed up to write, so if you're interested in writing or donating for holiday fic this year, go here to check it out. I've been lurking around here for a while and haven't been brave enough to try writing much ranxken (except obliquely), but I figured I'd like to contribute to both our 'ship of choice and a good cause, so check it out and get into the holiday spirit!
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Kapitel Rewatch [07 Nov 2008|03:57pm]

Hi, everyone!

I know I've pimped the community here before, but we're doing something new @ wk_fic_finds. We're re-watching Kapitel (and perhaps the OAVs, Gluhen if this turn proves successful) and having weekly discussions about it.

Please join us, and if you have the time--please consider leading an episode discussion.

Thank you! And hope to see you there :)
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more Ran/Ken fanart and weiss side B manga image! :P [21 Aug 2008|09:56am]

[ mood | awake ]

hiya i bring more fanart of Ran/Ken!! one is just a sketch i done in pencil and the other is just a coloured version i did in photoshop!! :) don't ask why there is a football on his bed!! they must have had fun during the night!! LOL
and also have the image where it looks like Ken is taller than Ran but maybe it's just a perspective thing! :)

sketched version

coloured version

manga image!!

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More Ran/Ken fanart! ;) [17 Aug 2008|01:16pm]


i managed to do 2 more pic of Ran and Ken, hmm i think i should have made Ken slightly taller coz he is quite tall i'm not sure if he's taller than ran though but i have seen some images on the manga that would make it seem he is.
anyway these two pic make Ran look like the seme which i quite like but i also LOVE when Ken becomes the more dominant one lol, makes great fanfiction!
aww i'm feeling weiss side B deprived i so wish that it would continue!! ;( maybe one day they could make an anime of lol, probably not we can only dream


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RanxKen fanart [14 Aug 2008|11:27pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

hello to anyone who's here!!! :)
well i thought i should do this in wee quick thing in my spare time they are my fave pairing in weiss kruez , i love weiss side B it's shame there isn't more....

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[Chapter 10] BLIND: One step at a time [18 Jul 2008|08:00pm]

Title: Blind
Previous chapters: I, II, III, IV, V, VI,VII, VIII, VIII
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: RanKen
Summary: What happens when a non-lethal mission turns lethal in a matter of seconds? When mission turns deadly, and Ken's separated from the others, will help come too late? What happens in the aftermath?
AN: Chapter ten is finally up after a many edits! Dont forget to review!

One step at a time
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[20 Apr 2008|04:58am]

Hi, I've lurked for a while and have been a Ran/Ken fan for a while. A long time ago, as in years I read a fic that was Aya/Ken in Youji's POV and I haven't been able to find it since. Youji was inlove with Ken but Ken was with Aya and Youji was watching their relationship at one point he says something like I would have had them over the nearest horizontal surface and chocolate and cherries. It wasn't really long and it was a standalone. 

Anyone know which one I'm talking about?

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[19 Apr 2008|10:34pm]


Hello~ I've come bearing a fanart that my friend drew for me a long time ago. I should've posted it earlier but I was busy. Sorry~!

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Fics search [20 Mar 2008|03:23pm]

Hey everyone! I'm new to the comm, but not new to the fandom. Like most people, I think, I was really into WK a few years back and then lost interest as other things came to life, but for some reason it's been creeping back into my sphere of fics to read, so here I am!

I asked the mod if it was okay to post this and got the go ahead, so here goes! I'm looking for a few fics that I had really liked back in the days and no amount of searching on Google has revealed them, so hopefully someone here will know them. All the fics are Ran/Ken (or else I doubt this would be allowed).

1. Right, this one is multichaptered, maybe around the high teens, low 20s. I'm putting the rest under a cut 'cause my description is pretty long and it's not a happy fic...Collapse )

2. This one was a few chapters long. For some reason Ken started seens from his past life where he was a girl? And he/she was in love with Ran/Ran's past life? And Schuldich was also part of the past life and he wanted Ken's past self? I remember that the end of the scene, again, took place during a rainy night.

3. I hope I'm not getting this one confused with another fandom, but I'm pretty sure it's WK. Ken has to go under cover to this night club and Yohji dresses him up in leather and cropped tops and glitter and what not and I think Ran went with him to the club and Ken ended up getting kidnapped?

Well, those are it for now! I hope someone will be able to find a working link to them ^__^
Thanks peeps! And now to go finish checking out all the fun posts and recs put up!
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New Community [16 Dec 2007|09:43pm]

New Community Up!


is committed to in-depth Weiss Kreuz fanfic recommendations and discussions as well as helping you with the occasional fic search. There’s not much up right now, but please check us out and join if you have recs (or a search) of your own. Thank you!

x-posted like WHOA, for that I apologize. *dodges rotten tomatoes*
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Fic Recs - Part I [16 Dec 2007|12:15pm]

Current Mood: cold
Current Music: Plastic Tree - Zero

Happy Holidays, everyone! Ran/Ken fic rec has inadvertently become an annual event for me, it seems. I do like staying warm inside with some tea or hot chocolate, reading fic. Yes, I do. I don't get to do it enough the rest of the year :/

Here we go, year two! The original list was getting too long and convoluted, so I split it into two parts according to rating. Part I is for stories rated G to R. Part II is for more mature audiences and is friends-locked. I also re-organized the formatting, marked recs for easier navigation, and tried to write more helpful commentary. Oh, the things I do for this pairing...

Anyway, heed the warnings and PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK! These authors are not getting paid for their time and efforts. The least we can do is to let them know their labors are not wasted. Enjoy!

29 ways to spell RanxKen L-O-V-ECollapse )

Lastly, recs from you guys are most welcome! Please let me know the title, author, status (WIP or completed), and where I can find it. Thanks! I know this is a Ran/Ken community, but I'm open to other pairings or gen fic.

[EDIT]: Future recs will be in wk_fic_finds. More comprehensive, informational, and broader in scope. Join the comm and rec us your favorites!
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Fic: Bitter Aftertaste [30 Nov 2007|09:21pm]

I wrote this a few weeks ago for toxictattoo 's Weiss Kreuz Anonymous Kink Meme, and thought maybe I'd share it here. It's set in the Side B universe, and the request I responded to was this: Food, especially feeding one's partner. Would prefer Ken with either Aya or Yohji. Crawford is also acceptable. Any timeline.

The fic can be found here: Fake cut to my journal.
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Selling manga [05 Oct 2007|12:55am]

Hello dear members,

I'm selling my 5 volumes of Side B manga:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Item: Weiss Kreuz Side B manga vol.1 ~ 5
Language: Japanese
Condition: Like New
Price: $25; no per book price.
Shipping: Priority US ($4) and International ($9)

They're all wrapped in lovely transparent cover, so the dustjackets are in perfect condition. :3 What you see is what you get (if you want me to keep the transparent covers on).

Please direct all questions and comments here.

X-posted on multiple communities.

WK anonymous kink meme [04 Oct 2007|01:16pm]

I came across this yesterday and thought some of you would also be interested.

The second prompt is Aya (Ran)/Ken and rough sex up against a wall. The answering fic is fantastic. Go read it! And while you're there, take a look at some of the requests and fill them if you can (please!). I'm especially hoping for someone to write the group masturbation in the mission room prompt ^^

I also updated my Ran/Ken fic recs list from last year. Again, if you have recs of your own (it doesn't have to be Ran/Ken), please send them my way!
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Blind [12 Jun 2007|10:24pm]

Title: Blind
Previous chapters: I, II, III, IV, V, VI,VII, VIII
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: RanKen
Summary: What happens when a non-lethal mission turns lethal in a matter of seconds? When mission turns deadly, and Ken's separated from the others, will help come too late? What happens in the aftermath?
AN: Chapter also uploaded to Fanfiction.net. Link above. Reviews are appreciated, ♥

DistanceCollapse )
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